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Car paint protection melbourne

CAR Paint Protection

Protect your cars from harsh environmental conditions and wear and keep them looking like new for years. Maximize gloss and shine while eliminating flaws in the finish, dullness, and oxidation. Your investment is protected with the longest lasting and toughest coating available.

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Originally developed for use in the aerospace industry to enhance and protect the paint on aircraft, Sapphire has now expanded into the automotive and marine industries and is now available.

The Sapphire V1 Ceramic Coating offers industry-leading hardness, gloss, durability, scratch resistance, adhesion, hydrophobicity, and chemical and high-temperature resistance in one product.

Sapphire chemically bonds to paint to become a new surface and protective layer offering an ultra-smooth, high gloss, and resistant coating. This coating stands between harmful contaminants and the surface, providing exceptional protection and gloss retention. Sapphire also offers the finest paint revitalization system in the industry. Our revolutionary process restores paint and gel coat to look like new. We guarantee it!

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For years now car dealerships have offered customers buying brand new vehicles a paint protection package with a lifetime warranty for the price of around $1000-$3000 depending on the vehicle. While we 100% agree that a vehicle’s paintwork needs to be protected, it’s what they are actually offering which is the problem. Let’s continue.

Now that your vehicle is getting the paint protection in Melbourne, what is actually getting put onto your car? Most car dealerships may actually use words such as Nano, Ceramic, QuartzCoating, etc. to describe the product getting put onto your vehicle. Does that mean you are actually getting one of these coatings? Unfortunately not.

Most dealerships use synthetic polymer sealants and barely any prep work is done to properly decontaminate the surface or properly paint correct the vehicle. For them, this is nice and easy work with a huge mark up to make money. So why aren’t proper coatings put onto the vehicle from the dealerships? The main factors are; the difficult application, poorly trained staff, time consumption, prep work required, and costs.


Why Choose Sapphire V1


Sapphire protects your car from harmful UV rays, oxidation, abrasion, fallout, chemicals and other contaminates. Creating a high-gloss, hard and durable protective layer that is guaranteed to last for years.


Our applicators are experts at restoring paint and gel-coat by removing years of oxidation and contaminants to reveal a brilliant and flawless finish.


Backed by ASTM testing Sapphire extends the life of paint and gelcoat by providing an extremely durable barrier between the painted surface and the environment.


Sapphire’s hydrophobic finish reduces cleaning expenses by repelling water and contaminants that can harm paint. Your car will stay cleaner for longer.


Sapphire’s ceramic high-gloss finish sets your car, boat, RV and aircraft apart from the rest and is sure to turn heads on the road, water and tarmac.


Sapphire saves water by reducing how often you need to wash your investment. It repels contaminants and our dry-wash system completely eliminates the need for water.

From $650

From $680

From $720

From $720

Why Use Nano Ceramic Coating?

Sapphire V1 offers the ultimate, most durable showroom shine and protection against paint: fading, soiling, scratching, marring, and loss of gloss.

  1. A ceramic-polymer backbone cross-link with specially modified nanoparticles within a three-dimensional matrix on the surface to provide the ultimate in durability and gloss.

  2. The second element in each coating product works to lower surface energy while imparting anti-static properties, thereby creating oil, water, and dust (atmospheric debris) repellency.

  3. A third component adds elasticity to the hardness of the micro-coating that functions to prevent scratches from permanently marring the paint, e.g., surface swirl marks, by allowing the affected area to re-form on exposure to heat from the sun. (This “self-healing” property is maximized in our Pro’s Choice coatings, particularly PermaGloss).

  4. Element 4 is a special polymer that levels the protective surface and assists in the “self-healing” process while contributing to the highest degree of chemical resistance.

  5. And the 5th key element, another unique polymer, is a UV absorber, which also re-emits UV as heat and light of longer wave lengths.

When to apply

When it comes to applying, the surface must be in as new condition as possible. The coating is a gloss enhancer and will magnify the finish. Nano ceramic coating needs to be applied to a clean, scratch-free surface. A vehicle fresh off the factory floor or after proper paint correction is ready for application.


Choosing to have your vehicle coated with a nano coating will be money extremely well spent. Since your vehicle is so important to you and always will be, you want to preserve it in the best way possible for a very long time.


Just AWESOME service. I am so happy with the result!! Turn up on time and were so friendly and professional. I requested “Exterior Detail” and the Sapphire V1 Ceramic Coating. When I got a quote, which was a fixed price. They took care of all concerns and worries on my blue Mustang. I watched how they cleaned and detailed my car and got impressed. They took care of every part of my mustang even tiny space! (Inside of Petrol Cap too!!!) I really appreciate their professional works and minds! Thank you so much! Strongly recommend Thumbs up.

Gary. Brighton