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A professional sticker removal service anywhere in Melbourne. Removing old sign writing and car stickers can be a nightmare, we make it easy and trouble-free.

We come to you, to remove the most difficult stickers. Stickers break down over time by the harsh Australian climate and UV rays, thus causing the glue and material to distort, making it very hard to remove.

We always recommend at least a basic Cut and Polish once all stickers are removed to help even out the paintwork, this is called 'ghosting and it happens when vinyl lettering has been on your vehicle for a few years.

Having a professional detailer remove the stickers ensures peace of mind.

We commonly see razor cuts and deep scratches from other companies attempting to remove stickers which ultimately cause irreparable damage.

We have removed the most intricate sign-writing decals and have an excellent reputation for professional cost-effective sticker removal in Melbourne.

We regretfully never embarked on a project that someone else tried to start since we cannot identify any potential damage caused by third parties.

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Paint Protection

Tom McDonald (Melbourne Football Club)

Hi Guys

Just wanted to say thanks again your service was outstanding, terrific work on detailing my Ford Mustang and the Paint Protection. The color on the car looks even better now and really shines! It's much easier to clean.

Thanks again for the great work Tom McDonald

Tom Mcdonald (Melbourne Football Club)

Paint Protection



The mobile detailing and Sign removal professionals 


Packages we offer include:

  • Signage and graphics removal
  • Vinyl lettering and signage removal
  • Van Signage Removal
  • Experts in Paint Over Spray and Concrete Splatter Removal.
  • Pre-Sale Detailing, We Come to You.
  • On-site Wash and Vac services.
  • Truck & Boat Detailing.

All our services can be tailored to your needs

Vehicle Sign Writing Removal Service - Anything from Cars to Trucks.

We often come across customers who have come to the end of their lease but need to rid their vans or cars of the graphics which are still left on. Thankfully, we offer a mobile signage removal service for our customers.

This is great for companies who have reached the end of their agreements on their fleet vans or commercial vehicles, or for individual traders selling their vehicles on.

Signage removal is by its very nature a labor-intensive process but also needs some experience so that you don't damage the paintwork of the vehicle in any way. We offer a professional signage removal service to ensure that your vehicle looks its best once the vinyl is off.

You will likely need this service if:

  • Your vehicle is coming to the end of a lease
  • you are selling your vehicle
  • You need to put new signage on the vehicle
  • The signage has become old, tattered, or damaged​
  • Your fleet of vans, cars, and trucks has come to the end of their lease or you are buying new ones

Servicing the entire region and always happy to help over the phone or email

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are 100% committed to giving you the best possible service and customer experience while we take care of your vehicle.


Turn to the Experts if you are:



The mobile detailing and Sign removal professionals in Melbourne - It's what we do!

We carry out your mobile car detailing at your Home or Work.

Mobile Hand Car Wash and Detailing. We are open 5 days a week. Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM

Melb wide mobile service - Note: Water tap and PowerPoint required for a Booking.


Luxury Car Detailing Services Melbourne

If you own a luxury vehicle, it’s important to maintain and look after it. Our prestige car detailing specialists service the majority of the Melbourne area at very competitive prices. We understand that your vehicle is a prized capital investment that holds significant value to you. Whether you have a BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, or Mustang, we’ll look after your luxury car as if it’s our own. You can rest assured your vehicle will receive the best attention it deserves and give back to you in brand new and ‘sparkling’ condition.

Auto detailing packages we offer our clients:

  • Comprehensive interior detailing
  • Major valet detailing
  • Premium detailing
  • Ultimate pre-sale detail

We also provide On-Site Truck and Aircraft Detailing



Cancellation of detail within 48 hours will incur a fixed cost fee of $55 unless issues are outside of their control.


The Premium and Ultimate detail packages are ideal if you’re selling your car and need it to look it's absolute best. This will effortlessly add value to your vehicle, making the advertising and selling process a breeze. 


Whether you need a cut and polish, light scratch removal, interior cleaning, car wash, or a full paint correction service to reveal a deep glossy shine, let 

The mobile detailing and Sign removal professionals

come to you and keep up the appearance of your vehicle.


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