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What happens if you don't clean your car for a long time?


Whether intentional or not, for many of us, cleaning our car isn't always at the forefront of our minds. It is nice to have a vehicle that's sparkling inside and out, but what if you can't find the time to get it done and tick it off your to-do list? Is there any lasting damage that can occur from avoiding it?

Besides that fact that it always feels and looks a whole lot nicer when it's had a refresh, your car can undergo several problems if it hasn't had a good clean for a while. In this post, we look at why you should opt to get the sponge and bucket out at least every few months, and what it can mean in the long run.

Starting from the outside

Cleaning the exterior is the perfect way to make sure that everything is in order. You may notice that your licence plate frames are loose or something else is out of place - be it the hubcaps, headlights and taillight lenses. While tidying up your wheels, it's good to use this time as an opportunity to get a good look underneath your vehicle. Here's where you can check for any broken cables or hoses.

This can prevent you from causing any further damage, and can eliminate the occurrence of a hefty, unnecessary repair bill. While you're at it, it's , it's also worth while popping the hood to take a look inside of the bonnet. Investigate any loose wires, broken cable ties, connections on the battery and all other elements.

Touching up

Washing regularly will also allow you to touch up the finish of your vehicle, and give it a little T.L.C.

For the most part, a car is made of metal. Other than areas such as the bumper and wheel linings  – where plastics are largely utilised – the majority of the outside can actually rust. The paint of your car protects the metal to a degree, but as your vehicle ages so too does the finish. The clear coat that protects the paint eventually wears away, resulting in potential chipping and the ability for rust to settle in. To avoid this, find paint chips and resolve them appropriately as you go about your waxing. This will keep the clear coating in tack for longer.

Ultimately, like our homes, you pay the price for neglecting maintenance and cleaning; cars are no exception. If your vehicle has seen better days and is gathering hefty amounts of dirt, it's time to get your hands direct and get washing.

We recommend having your vehicle washed at least every few months to avoid any potential issues or repairs. If you do happen to spot any potential problems - such as wearing paint - jump onto these instances quickly. You'll thank us later!


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